COVID-19 Notice

COVID-19 Notice

Holco Metrology Solutions continues to monitor developments around COVID-19, as well as local and state restrictions. We are in a business that by necessity requires travel and interaction with many people. Our service technicians are therefore at a higher risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to our customers. While our commitment has always been to provide timely and quality service, nothing is more important than the safety and health of our customers and employees, and our thoughts are with those impacted by the Coronavirus. While no one can predict the future, all of us, both as businesses and individually, must do our part to limit the spread of the virus.

With that in mind, and due to stay-at-home state orders throughout our service area, we have restricted the travel of our on-site technicians. However, we recognize that some of our customers are essential to the production of items such as ventilators, its components, masks, etc and may rely on our services, now more than ever. We will make arrangements to ensure timely calibration and maintenance on a case by case basis.

If your company is considered an essential business and is in need of calibration or service, please contact us using this form.

If your company has been allowed to reopen or you are now accepting on-site visitors, please let us know. We will coordinate with you so that we can perform your service in a safe and timely manner.

We will update this page with new information as it becomes available. As we have done for over 60 years, we continue to make customer service our #1 priority. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.


Mark Conti
John Lankford
Service Manager