COVID-19 Survey

COVID-19 Survey

Please fill out the survey below. It will help us greatly in making arrangments to possibly visit your facility.

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    Has your facility restricted service visits due to the coronavirus pandemic, either by state or local restrictions? (required)
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    Would you accept an updated sticker with extended due date and postpone your service visit?

    Is your facility considered an essential business?

    What qualifies your business as essential?

    Do you have special policies and/or procedures to ensure social distancing guidelines and the safety of your employees and ours?

    Briefly describe or list your special policies and/or procedures."

    Please confirm acceptance of the following on-site visit terms:
    Checking the box confirms that as Host, you agree to:
    Disinfect machine to be serviced and surroundings immediately prior to our Technician(s) arrivalProvide physical plant entrance for our Service Technician(s) that allows for proper social distancing (if possible, exterior entrances close to machine are preferred)Provide for generous social distancing between their employees and our Service Technician(s)Limit number of employees in the room where the machine is serviced as close to zero as possiblePrevent employees from entering room and coming into close proximity with Service Technician(s)If possible, arrange for access off-hours, weekends, or during shifts with minimal staffingEnsure all employees wear masks at all times in areas where our Service Technician(s) will be working or passing throughProvide contact information of the person to notify if the above items are not followed.

    Has anyone in your facility tested positive for COVID-19?

    Are they actively working or quarantined away from your facility?
    Immediately sheltered in placeActively working
    Approximately how long ago did they test positive?