Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Step 1: Cleaning

Service visits start with a complete cleaning of the system inside and out. Covers are removed and dust bunnies are attacked. Dust and dirt are an inspection machine's enemy. Dirt can get in the slides and drive systems and lead to premature wear. Air filters need cleaned or replaced to keep the internal components from overheating. We appreciate that keeping the machine clean is the first line of defense against machine wear and costly repairs.

Step 2: Lubrication

After the machine is cleaned, all moving parts are thoroughly lubricated. Ball slides are oiled and drive systems are greased. Just as getting a car's oil changed regularly helps keep the engine running properly, applying fresh lubrication to your machine regularly keeps your machine moving smoothly and reliably. Having the oil changed twice a year is insurance against problems.

Step 3: Evaluation

We do a complete inspection of all moving parts and motors to determine overall machine health. If a critical component is showing signs of trouble we will notify you immediately and recommend repair or replacement before the machine is out of commission with costly downtime.

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