On-site training

Even the most advanced, state-of-the-art measurement technology is not very effective if no one knows how to use it properly. We are committed to helping our customers utilize the capability of the equipment they have by means of effective initial training and on-going support.

Initial training

Upon delivery, install and calibration of a new machine, we conduct on-site training classes on the use and operation of the machine and measurement software. Basic training is generally two full days, with additional days for optional sensors such as touchprobe or laser. Basic concepts and techniques are explained and demonstrated with a sample part, but the majority of the training is centered on the specific needs of the students using the same parts they will be measuring. While the training is comprehensive and all functionality is discussed, more time is spent on the features that will be used the most. All students are encouraged to participate with hands-on exercises designed to reinforce techniques and concepts. Training is informal and relaxed and questions are encouraged.

Usually we find it best to allow practice time in-between training days. This allows students to gain valuable experience and formulate questions or investigate situations that otherwise may not have been addressed. Practice time depends on the students but averages about 1-2 weeks.

Our trainers have a high skill level with almost 20 years combined experience. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and training sessions are filled with inside tricks and tips we have collected over the years that you won't find in any manuals.

Follow-up Training

Once the basics are mastered, we offer follow-up training for intermediate and advanced level users. These might focus on advanced editing techniques, special software enhancements or advanced scripting capabilities. On the other hand, perhaps the resident expert is no longer there and you find yourself struggling to reproduce what was done in the past. Whatever the situation, we are here for you!

Continued support

Our calibration technicians not only service machines but can answer questions during the service visits. We will be happy to spend a few moments with you explaining aspects of the software or showing how a measurement might be done more effectively.

free phone support

We offer free phone support to our customers any time they wish to get additional help. If you have a technical or programming question or just need some advice, we are just a phone call away. Often a 5 minute phone call can save hours of trial and error and frustration.

Remote Support

If your machine has internet access, we offer the ability to connect remotely to your machine so that we can see your screen. We use a third-party secure application for the connection, which generates a random password for each session. It is a very effective tool and eliminates the need for time-consuming explanations and detailed verbal instructions. This support is provided free of charge with all current support contracts.

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